It’s Called Messing UP for a Reason

via Ben Crowder
via Ben Crowder


It’s called messing UP for a reason.

When I was studying for my licensing exam (the biggest test a psychologist will ever take in their career), the instructors said that getting questions wrong on the practice tests was a good thing. It meant that our brains would remember the question better and so we’d be more likely to get the item right on the real test.

As a recovering perfectionist and an Asian/Pacific Islander, the value of making mistakes wasn’t readily apparent to me growing up. (As I type this, I’m laughing, thinking about how much emphasis my parents placed on straight As, piano lessons, and Sunday school, so I could be the perfect doctor/lawyer/adult one day.)

The truth is, that life should be lived with pencils that have big erasers.




That messing up almost always leads to more growth and understanding than doing things right all the time. So actually, the “mess” of mistakes makes us better, refines us, and essentially brings our value as human beings upward.

So here’s to celebrating imperfection, making mistakes, and messing up a lot so that we can grow in ways perfection never could.

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