Malala teaches us to win Nobel prizes… like a girl.

At 17 years old, Malala Yousafzai is the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Image via European Parliament
Image via European Parliament


From age 11, Malala courageously shared her experiences with the world about the Taliban banning girls from school in her hometown.

Two years ago, they shot her in the head to try and silence her voice.

She survived, and has been an advocate for girls’ education ever since.

Malala’s win is a win for us all.

She’s not particularly strong or fast or tall. She hasn’t had a life where she’s had the best of everything. And she’s a girl in a society where girls so often get treated as less. But somehow, entrusted with a mission that’s much bigger than she is, Malala is the leader of a movement that is changing the world. And in my heart at least, she’s ten feet tall.

This is big news for everyone. Malala’s story is a symbol that no matter your difficulties in life, if you have a mission that means something to you, you can do BIG things.

No matter how small you feel, you are big enough to start a movement that can change the world.


Malala on John Stewart via giphy
Malala on John Stewart via giphy


In a world full of problems that need solving, what’s your mission? Take your pick and get moving.

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