I believe in taking a client-centered approach where sessions are built around clients’ particular needs and strengths in an engaged, empathic, and safe environment. I strive to help clients live meaningful and fulfilled lives as they gain skills, insight, and a sense of empowerment that improve their way of relating to themselves and to others. Sessions are typically 45-50 minutes, but may vary.

I provide:

  • Individual therapy
  • Child & Adolescent therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Grief therapy
  • Christian Counseling

What Former Clients Are Saying:


“If you’re even considering therapy, I highly suggest you take that first step in the direction of self-care and see what Dr. Therese has to offer.”

“I’m now forever grateful I made the decision to seek help.”

“…my sessions with Dr. Therese became a crucial part of my healing process”

“Dr. Therese showed me that I have the strength to gradually alter my thought process to greet transitional phases with excitement, rather than apprehension, and to drown out the negative thoughts that held me back from pursuing my ultimate goals.”

Speaking & Hosting

I am a professionally trained speaker and host and I love communicating inspiring, hopeful messages to groups from 10 to over 1,000, including schools & universities, organizations and churches. I can speak on a variety of psychology-related topics from a fresh and modern perspective, including stress management, self-care and wellness, grief and loss, and suicide, to name a few. I can also provide expert opinions for television interviews. Please contact me directly for more information and booking at

I have spoken at:

  • Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA
  • University of Southern California (Asian Pacific Alumni Association)
  • Voyagers Bible Church, Irvine, CA
  • Chapman University, Orange, CA
  • Cal Poly Pomona University, Pomona, CA
  • Biola University
  • MOSAIC Church, Los Angeles, CA
  • Gamma Phi Beta Sorority (Chapman University), Orange, CA

I have hosted events for:

  • Generosity Water
  • World Adoption Day //

What listeners are saying:


“Simply loved having her with us. Her presence, energy and content encouraged and challenged us. Thank you!!”

“She was clear, insightful, funny and honest about her journey and struggles to get where she is today. Also her dependence on where God has called her to be and her answer to that call.”

“I’d like to listen to more of her!”



In addition to my own blog, I’ve also written for some other publications including:


While I enjoy working with a diverse population of clients, some of my specialties include:

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Acculturation issues
  • Adjustment, including unemployment, life transitions, stressful work/school settings
  • Young adults, adolescents and children, including issues related to bullying, trauma, family conflicts, disabilities, educational issues, gifted learners, learning disabilities, special education
  • Grief & loss, bereavement
  • Relationship concerns, including intercultural/multi-cultural relationships, couples & family  therapy, divorce, separation, breakup issues, anger management